Cohen Consulting & Evaluation, LLC works in a partnership role with clients. We bring evaluative thinking and expertise to the table and help clients identify outcomes, assess successes, and pinpoint areas for growth and change.

At Cohen Consulting We:

  • Foster real-time learning that advances innovations in programs, systems, and communities.
  • Specialize in succinctly documenting outcomes and lessons learned. Enjoy identifying realistic goals, effective strategies, and clear assessments of outcomes.
  • Work collaboratively with clients to build internal evaluation capacity, apply findings to strategic decision making, and inform social change.
  • Guide the learning process through a deliberate reflection practice that informs strategic decisions and adaptation to changing circumstances.
  • Are dedicated to maximizing our clients’ effectiveness in making a difference in their communities.  
"One of Carolyn’s great gifts is asking thoughtful questions in a way that takes our thinking and our strategy to deeper levels."

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