"Carolyn has brought her skills to bear as a thought partner to our projects by presenting real-time data at project leadership meetings and then facilitating discussions on their implications for project development. She is incredibly thoughtful and has consistently helped push us to think more deeply about our work."


Carolyn Cohen is the owner of Cohen Consulting & Evaluation, LLC, based in Seattle, Washington. She has over 25 years of experience in facilitation and real-time learning. Her practice is grounded in working collaboratively with clients through Liberating Structures, Appreciative Inquiry, and Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles. Carolyn works independently and, when appropriate, brings in partners to best serve client needs.  Carolyn is  committed to working with organizations that  are engaged in launching new initiatives in complex social environments by guiding them to: articulate a theory of change, collect real-time findings, and apply new learnings to strategic decision making.


Carolyn specializes in working with organizations engaged in developing and launching social and educational innovations. She pioneered the use of Evaluation and Strategy Learning Circles, a key component of her practice. Carolyn is a skilled facilitator who excels in coaching clients and stakeholders to “think evaluatively.”  She has deep experience supporting social change efforts guided by collaborative approaches such as partnerships, coalitions, and collective impact.

Real-time Learning

Organizations involved in the complexities of social change must continually learn and adapt to new—and sometimes unanticipated— circumstances. Cohen Consulting & Evaluation uses innovative strategies to capture real-time findings that guide organizational learning and inform adaptation, planning, and scaling.

"I highly recommend Carolyn based on her expertise, reliability, and supreme organization of the entire project."

User-Centered Approach

A collaborative approach is key in meeting clients’ needs. Cohen Consulting & Evaluation believes that findings should be:

  • User-focused
  • Evidence-based
  • Directly applicable to organizational decision-making
  • Communicated as needed and on an ongoing basis
  • Presented in formats that are appropriately targeted to intended audiences—whether internal leaders, stakeholders, funders or the general public.

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